WidiLand – Potential NFT Gaming Project – Releases IGO Early Bird Sale and Closed Beta Version in December 2021

Singapore / December 15, 2021 / SEAPRWire / Recently, WidiLand has gained lots of attention from the public by releasing two important events: IGO Early Bird Sale and Closed Beta Version in December 2021, which brings enormous benefits to players. With evolving gameplay and future Metaverse plans, WidiLand is a potential NFT gaming project in which players play the role of the first inhabitants of the land of Widi, starting the journey to build a life on a new promised planet.

  1. Project Overview

WidiLand is a blockchain-based cross-device colony management game opening its beta in December 2021. WidiLand is set in the year 2130 when Earth’s resources have been exhausted and the planet is so polluted that humanity is in danger of extinction. At the same time, there is a planet nearly 24 light-years away – TKE-1012, which has Earth-like life. However, the ship that brought the first group of elites to TKE-1012 was damaged, including all telecommunications and high-tech equipment. Now, with all that advanced technology gone, the pioneers face a huge challenge: early life. And so, players must start building new lands from scratch with limited resources – and from there, the journey begins! Through the exciting adventure story, WidiLand wants to convey the message “Let’s join hands to protect the environment and ecosystems on Earth from today.”

With a meaningful message, a friendly interface and interesting challenges – WidiLand promises to become one of the most interesting NFT games in the near future!

A unique feature of WidiLand is the way the plot develops in stages:

Chapter 1: Journey Begins!The crew begins to build a new life on TKE-1012.

Chapter 2: Devastation, the inhabitants of Widi must defend themselves from the threatening invaders.

Chapter 3: The New Era, with their efforts, the people of Widi have reconnected with the Space Station to continue the project and plan to bring humanity to a new home. This is also the beginning of the Metaverse.

WidiLand lowers access barriers so thatanyone can play the game at no cost: they get a free character and can play through the storyline while earning rewards; it’s #free2play. Moreover, it’s #play2earn: players can earn in-game currency which can be valued in the real world.

  1. IDO Overview

At the beginning of this December, WidiLand’s first Public Sale event was officially launched. Only 8 hours after listing on PancakeSwap, WidiLand reached a total number of 6,298 holders and 22,000 transactions. WidiLand also reached ATH 70X – an impressive number.

Thanks to the trust and support of the Crypto Currency community, WidiLand has achieved these impressive numbers. This is the clearest proof of the development potential, which makes WidiLand deserve to be one of the projects worth investing in in December 2021.

  1. Upcoming events

Besides, WidiLand is about to launch many events, including: IGO Early Bird Sale, Whitelist IGO and especially – Closed Beta Version.

3.1. IGO Early Bird Sale:

3.1.1. Intended sale opening: Between 17 and 22 December, 2021

3.1.2. Price:

Character Treasure: 0.02 BNB/Treasure

 Land Treasure: 0.05 BNB/Treasure

3.1.3. Buying Condition:

 Players have to hold at least 1000 $WIDI

 FCFS in a short time period till all Treasures are sold out

 Sale opening in different time frames (so that people from all over the globe could have the equal chance to own this treasure).

3.1.4. Buy $WIDI:


3.1.5. Whitelist IGO:

This is a special event for players to try their luck with attractive rewards: Definitely get a chance to buy Treasure in IGO. The event has a total of 7777 tickets to buy Treasure.

5555 slots buying Character Treasure

2222 slots buying Land Treasure

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Each wallet can only buy 1 Land Treasure OR 1 Character Treasure)

Time of Whitelist:

Start: 15:00 UTC Dec 5, 2021

 End: 15:00 UTC Dec 15, 2021

 Winning Announcement: Dec 16, 2021

Join here: https://gleam.io/x2e95/widiland-whitelist-early-bird-sale-igo

3.2. Closed Beta Version:

WidiLand is going to release the Closed Beta Version this December. Right now, WidiLand already published the Closed Beta Registration Form.

3.2.1. Total number of registers: A maximum of 1000 people.

3.2.2. Buying Condition:

Hold at least 1000 $WIDI.

Answer all questions in the Google Registration Form about WidiLand Gameplay.

3.2.2. Time

Start: 15:00 UTC Dec 8, 2021

End: 15:00 UTC Dec 20, 2021

Winning Announcement: Dec 21, 2021

Join now: https://forms.gle/BeKw64NMUneUPJQx5

  1. Summary

WidiLand has some unique features that have potential for a gripping game:

The game evolves from Chapter to Chapter, changing the gameplay goals and strategies. Players must level up their game to adapt to these new challenges.

There are plans in place to bridge WidiLand into the Metaverse as players return to revitalize Earth in Chapter 3: New Era.

The game story has a strong environmental message, resonating with a current global issue.

More importantly, WidiLand is one of the few NFT series with humane messages, a friendly interface and is suitable for all ages. With the momentum after the IDO event, WidiLand promised to achieve breakthroughs in the development of the project, and opened up potential profit opportunities that investors must seize.

About WidiLand

WidiLand is an NFT Game started in June 2021, aiming to become a globally well-known social networking game. The story is about a group of elite people finding a new home for humanity when The Earth is seriously destroyed and they have to move to WidiLand, a green-blue Earth-like moon and build a new civilization. Players will immerse themselves in the many particular roles and enjoy different game modes to build and protect their new home! Preserving the Earth as early as possible is the message to which WidiLand wants to send players. Enabled by blockchain technology, these digital in-game items, lands, and characters have both recreational and financial value.

Social Links

Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/widiland/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WidiLand 

Telegram News: https://t.me/widilandglobal 

Telegram Group: https://t.me/widiland 

Discord: https://discord.gg/eDn3m9wATf 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/WidiLandOfficial 

Substack: https://widiland.substack.com

Contact Detail:

Contact Person: Bui Anh Nhan, CMO
Email: Send Email
Country: Singapore
Website Url: https://widiland.com/


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