Spike Inu Finally Goes Live on Coinmarketcap

Sydney, Australia / November 18, 2021 / SEAPRWire / It is an exciting time for the Spike Inu fans as its token finally goes live on Coinmarketcap and is got listed on Coingecko. This simply means that its users can easily swap their ETH for Spike tokens and access the Spike Inu ecosystem.

The Spike Inu project aims to give the community a pleasant experience by providing a one-stop ecosystem with the latest apps for Defi, NFT Market Place Metaverse, CrossChain Swap, Decentralized Exchange, Multichain Wallet, and charitable purposes. Spike Inu’s utility tokens will be a gateway to enjoying a variety of benefits in the ecosystem.

Spike Inu is a decentralized platform officially established in May 2021 to give the crypto community trending and new generational apps. The Spike Token governs it, an ERC20 meme token, for decentralization. Through the token, users get specific rewards linked to the transactions involving decentralized wallets on the platform.

Unlike other platforms that need intermediaries to trade cryptocurrencies between different networks; on Spike Inu, there is no need for intermediaries. It has a cross-chain platform that enables different cryptocurrencies to be traded without middlemen. This makes the transactions secure, fast, and cheaper. It is just a matter of minutes and a transaction is complete. Spike Swap, the cross-chain trading platform, will be set up on the different public chains (ETH, BSC, SOL, OEC, NEAR, and POLYGON). This is a major milestone in the Defi industry.

The ecosystem will feature a Spike NFT marketplace where users will trade NFTs. If you are in the crypto scene, you are probably aware of NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets used to represent ownership of a good. It can be in different forms such as music, gifs, art, etc., only that they are digital and can be tokenized. When you buy the NFT, you have full ownership and record transactions stored in the blockchain. Currently, NFTs are used in many settings, including gaming. In the Spike NFT marketplace, Users can trade their NFT for another one or any other digital asset. Users can also use this avenue to trade their metaverse products. The platform also has a minting tool that can help users who do not know how to code to create an NFT.

Spike DEX combines both centralized and decentralized architectures for a great user experience regardless of whether a user is a novice or an expert. The DEX will also use different platforms( BSC, ERC20, SOL, POLYGON, NEAR, FANTOM) so that you can trade all your digital assets on one platform without needing the other. The integration with other systems helps in reducing transaction costs and time. Through the multichain DEX, users have the freedom to bring in cryptos from different networks and platforms, which increases liquidity. In the future, there will be a decentralized margin system 20X for all platforms.

The Spike wallet will be used for storing cryptocurrencies. The wallet features multiple security layers and an intuitive user interface to store, send, swap, buy and trade their cryptos efficiently. The wallet is not confined to only the Spike token but can support a variety of tokens and coins. Its payment system is simplified for easy transfer of coins or tokens. The wallet is made with a high-security mechanism with biometric security and a private key to secure users’ data. The wallets support several blockchains in the ethereum ecosystem. With the Spike wallet, Users can instantly exchange coins without moving them to an exchange first. The wallet also has DApp integration; hence you can easily access various DApps conveniently.

To buy a Spike Inu token ($SPKI token), Users have to create a MetaMask wallet available on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is a third-party ERC20 browser wallet that can be accessed from the website. It also has mobile versions of both android and iPhone. With a MetaMask wallet, they can send their $ETH there, then go to Uniswap and swap the ETH with $SPKI. Currently, Users can swap their ETH at both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap for the $SPKI tokens.

Unlike many platforms, The platform has a strategy for preventing inequity by allowing holders only to hold 2% of the total coins. This helps to prevent pump and dump schemes and ensures investors are more focused on the long-term.

Apart from diversification of products and multichain ability, the platform has a strategy for raising money for charity. It plans to maximize on different events such as auctions, marketplace events, votes and NFT creativity contents, and use that revenue for charity.

The company is working on more exciting features and will roll out the announcements in due course.

About Spike Inu

Spike Inu is a decentralized platform that aims to give the community a smooth experience by providing a one-stop ecosystem with new generational apps for cross-chain swap, NFT marketPlace metaverse (next trend of crypto), Multichain Wallet, Multichain Dex, and Defi. Users need Spike Inu’s utility tokens to access the different platform’s products.

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Company Name: Spike Inu
Contact Person: Hugo largo
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Country: Australia
Website Url: www.spikeinu.io

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