Gold Anchor Digital Token GRP was Launched in August, 2019

Hongkong, Sept 04, 2019 – ] – In Aug 2019, a gold anchor digital token – GRP was born. GRP (Gold Rush Protocol), 100% gold underpinning, is a token issued by Took Blockchain’s strongly integrated with Oceania Mining (WAU) Ltd. It is also a valuable digital asset token issued based on the gold mining value of WAU Gold Mine.


In the first half of 2019, Bitcoin rose from less than $3,500 to more than $10,000, reaching 131.3%. The digital currency market has once again attracted attention. At the same time, however, financial issues such as opaque, deferred payments and overpayments for most digital currency are constantly exposed to the market. It is considered to be the largest time bomb in the entire digital currency circle and can explode at any time. Therefore, a digital currency with stable assets supported by value anchoring as well as physical assets is the most urgent demand in the current digital currency market.

GRP anchors gold, so it not only has the value storage function of gold, but also has the portability, transparency and liquidity of digital currency, which solves the problem of traditional gold logistics. Gold is the most permanent source of value consensus for human beings. Blockchain technology is the most transparent and credible pioneering technology tool in the new era. GRP combines traditional value carriers with the most fashionable value carriers to create a global gold blockchain value alliance with global gold industry producers, consumers, investors and all organizations and individuals with a valuable understanding of gold. Gold has the safe-haven property of stable and lasting value and resisting inflation. By anchoring gold, GRP not only overcomes the volatility flaws of traditional digital assets, but is also safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective as a settlement tool.


The physical gold anchored by GRP comes from the WAU gold mine in Papua New Guinea. OML Group is a large mining group focusing on the exploration and development of precious metal mineral resources. It has 8 gold mining areas in Papua New Guinea with a total mining area of over 200 square kilometers. Now it owns the mining rights of “WAU Gold Mine” (ML289-291), and the mining right will be renewed by priority until July 2025. As the blockchain incubator of GRP, TOOK Blockchain is a high-tech enterprise with blockchain technology application , officially joined the Singapore Digital Money Enterprise and Startup Association in 2019.


So far, gold is still the most extensive and long-lasting value consensus of mankind. Because it can not only avoid political and economic risks, but also is an excellent means of preserving and increasing personal wealth. As a 100% gold digital currency, in the future, GRP will be used as payment settlement, retail consumption, value-added value-adding carrier, value conversion tools, etc., and will be deeply applied to business-related business applications such as financial services and supply chain traceability, and further create a global application model of “Entity + Blockchain”.

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