Benjamin Loh Launches High Impact Public Speaking Course in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore – Benjamin Loh has recently created a public speaking course aimed at helping the entrepreneurs of Singapore succeed. Offering a carefully planned and specially designed class, Loh is ensuring business hopefuls across the country master the art of business communication. This public speaking course in Singapore is the only one of its kind, making it stand out to those in need and willing to learn.

Public speaking has become increasingly important in the field of business. Standing in front of investors with confidence, projecting, enunciating, and using eye contact are all the hallmarks of a good pitch. However, this sometimes isn’t enough. Benjamin Loh has created a way to take these practices to the next level. He wants his clients to leave feeling they can try, and secure business deals they wouldn’t have felt capable of trying before.

Many public speaking courses in Singapore use a variety of teaching methods to help clients fully grasp the concepts of each lesson. Benjamin Loh has created a speech coaching model called ‘SPEAK’. Each letter stands for a different skill a pupil needs to master in order to become a powerful public speaker.

The model’s acronym stands for Self-Awareness, Platform Skills, Entrepreneurial Selling Strategies, Actualization & Appreciation, and finally Knowledge & Internalization. Each of these skills have been identified by Loh to be the most important for an engaging public speaker to have. His course is centered on developing each student’s capabilities and making sure they obtain each trait.

Clients have reported finding this course helpful for a number of reasons. The most common being that it gave them confidence when it came to business deals. Loh recognizes that the way a person speaks and holds themselves can make or break an investor’s interest. These classes have helped entrepreneurs build an ethos with possible business partners they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

This is only the beginning for Benjamin Loh’s public speaking courses. It’s clear to see that these classes are making an impact with his clients, and success is right around the corner for every student. Using tried and true techniques that encourage clients to make progress and achieve their goals, these courses are bound to grow in popularity. 

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Contact Person: Benjamin Loh
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