The Cloud Sharing Miner Of Anonymity (ANY) Officially Launched

Hongkong, Jul 7, 2019 — The Cloud Sharing Miner of ANY is officially launched. At once, it triggered extensive attention and heated debate of global blockchain market.

Anonymity (ANY), developed by Pirate Capital and DFN, is a tentative and innovative blockchain project, aiming to change the data encryption and data flow problems using blockchain technology. It can ensure the privacy and security of data transmission during digital asset transaction thus to realize the anonymous transmission of digital asset and ensure the privacy and security of traders.

The Cloud Sharing Miner is an innovative mining mode developed by ANY. Through renting mining machines from professional managers, it can realize collective mining without the need to purchase additional mining machines and maintenance of mining machines. In this way, fixed mining benefits can be obtained at a small cost and the rent and earnings are free to come and go, and the earnings can be realized at any time.

In this mode all investors can participate in mining. Meanwhile, this kind of behavior can also increase the calculation power for ANY block chain, improve the stability of the block chain and prevent 51% attacks, which is very consistent with the principle of democracy and equality of block chain.

At the same time, the cloud sharing mining mode is of milestone significance to the mining industry of digital cash. It is strongly believed that there will be more and more digital cashes adopting this mode in the future. Based on the cloud sharing mining mechanism, ANY can lead the industry into the era of block chain 6.0.

According to relevant media reports earlier, Pirate Capital, a well-known investment institution in the block chain, has reached a strategic cooperation relationship with ANY research and development team. 20 million yuan is provided by Pirate Capital for the research and development, operation and other expenses of ANY project. The founder stated that he was very optimistic about the prospect of ANY.  (* Any question about the press release, please contact the editor

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Company Name: Die Fledermaus Netzwerksicherheit
Contact Person: Fischer Bach
Address: Bad-Krozingen, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald,
Country: Germany
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