Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine unveils its new Redsenol-1 Noble Ginsenoside Capsules

(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, July 24, 2019) – Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine Ltd., an innovative leader in ginseng and ginsenosides research, unveiled its new Redsenol-1 Noble Ginsenoside Capsules (Redsenol-1), a rare ginsenoside supplement intended to enhance physical capacity, support cognitive function, reduce mental fatigue, increase energy and resistance to stress, and promote healthy glucose levels.

Consistent with the old version, the newly upgraded Redsenol-1 remains sixteen rare ginsenosides, the main active compounds in ginseng known for an array of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The net weight of active compounds in each capsule reaches 60 mg to ensure a comprehensive and synergistic efficacy.


The improved compounding is one of the highlights of the new Redsenol-1. The research team upgraded the compounding to remove a large amount of non-medicinal ingredients, thus raising the concentration of active ingredients to 20%. Another change is that new capsules get smaller and easy-to-swallow, which would be beneficial for people with difficulty swallowing. Moreover, the adoption of the blister packaging can keep capsules sterile and secure from humidity to ensure the quality and security of the product.

The health benefits behind Redsenol-1 lie in its sixteen metabolized rare ginsenosides, namely Rk2, Rg3 (S, R), Rh2 (S, R), Rg5, Rk1, Rk3, Rh1 (S, R), Rh3, Rh4, aPPT (S, R), and aPPD (S, R). Compared with prototype ginsenosides, rare ginsenosides metabolized by Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine’s proprietary technology have stronger bioactivity and better absorption. Superior to other products with only one or two rare ginsenosides on the market, Redsenol-1 features sixteen rare ginsenosides in high concentrations and enables people to obtain the maximal medicinal benefits of ginseng.

The company has made great efforts in ensuring the safety and quality of the products. Each batch of Redsenol-1 will undergo 70 strict safety screenings (i.e. 5 heavy metal contaminants, 5 microbial contaminants, 60 pesticide residues) to gain safety assurance. Besides, Redsenol was awarded the BSCG certification, known as the gold standard in dietary supplements certification.

Redsenol-1 has received great recognition among customers, and is available on Amazon and physical stores in Canada. Customers can learn more at


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